Pet Zoom Backgrounds (for every animal lover!)

by Animal Emergency Service | April 30, 2020

Since we've all been locked away at home safely in the comfort of our own homes, Zoom has taken over our meeting spaces. However, we've had reports...

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Record Breaking Litter of Miracle Puppies Born at Underwood Hospital

by Animal Emergency Service | April 22, 2020

An Australian record has been set at our Underwood hospital, with a miracle litter of 21 puppies being born during the COVID-19 crisis. The smiles...

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Veterinary Mechanical Ventilators (debunking the myths)

by Animal Emergency Service | April 15, 2020

  Luckily for Australia, our veterinarians have more mechanical ventilators per head of the population than any other country. This is due to the...

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Keeping Your Home Free of Coronavirus (household disinfectants to use)

by Animal Emergency Service | April 07, 2020

As vets we have a lot of experience with infection control in our hospitals. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed everyone's behaviour and awareness of...

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Top Easter Emergencies

by Animal Emergency Service | April 03, 2020

For many Easter means family, friends, chocolate and a four day weekend. But for our pets there are unfortunately quite a few potential pet hazards...

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