Pet Zoom Backgrounds (for every animal lover!)

Since we've all been locked away at home safely in the comfort of our own homes, Zoom has taken over our meeting spaces. However, we've had reports that some of your fur babies have been taking over your meetings! The shock! The horror...

Thanks to our friends at RSPCA for this awesome idea, we've come up with some pet Zoom backgrounds that won't disturb your meetings... And make you think you're getting some much needed fresh air at the same time.

Back Deck Zoom Background     

For kicks... Here are some places we would rather be on our weekends away from our home at Animal Emergency Service (as nominated by our team members...):

  • Beachside!
  • The movies. We miss going to the movies... Especially the drive-ins.
  • The gym! Our team are massive gym lovers and we also miss our team sports.
  • Restaurants and bars... We are craving a social outing or two with our friends and family.


So for now, please join us by downloading:

By the pool
In our lounge room, but with an awesome view of our big backyard
On our back deck for some arvo sunshine

In a meeting and want to show us? Take a screen shot of yourself in the meeting and tag us on Facebook and Instagram. We might just feature you in our stories!

Have suggestions for pet Zoom backgrounds? Email us and we may just whip them up for you... stay tuned, three fresh new backgrounds coming next week! 


How to change your Zoom background

Within a Zoom meeting:

  • Download your favourite zoom background above by clicking on the link.
  • Click on in the menu and select 'preferences'
  • Click 'virtual background' from the left hand side bar
  • Click the plus button and select the picture you have downloaded

For more information on how to change your background, please visit Zoom.